Role of Women in Society

September 1st, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Women are the creator and destroyer of society. Our society is full of superstitions and women today are continuing this tradition, Women can make a family, thus making the society a heaven by removing the wrongs from society.

Recently, MAVA (Men Against. Violence & Abuse –, a social group performed a drama at TATA colony, Mumbai based on “Women battering & abusing.” MAVA wants to bring awareness in the society through these plays. I have a habit of not wearing bangles sometimes. One lady asked me, “Why are you not wearing bangles? Aren’t you married?”, I thought… Why??? Should only married women wear the bangles? People say, “women is a symbol of beauty, so she should dress up properly,” Yes, this is correct but then why rules should be applied only to women. An unmarried girt sometimes does not put bangles, bindi, but no one asks; then why to a married lady? Is she considered someone’s property? Similarly then, married men should also have such a symbolism! Marriage does not mean physical symbolism, but is a holy and responsible relation, which the society has transformed into a binding for women.

However, I personally believe that only women can change the society’s outlook. First, women in their family should not differentiate between her son & daughter. When a boy comes late at night, mother never asks, but when the girl is out late, she is worried. However, mothers can make both of them understand as to why it’s bad for both of them. For example, girls may be asked to come home on time because she may be caught by some goon and be a cause for unwanted events Similarly, boys can be told that if he remains late outside, he may get into bad company and fall into bad habits of drug – addiction, alcoholism, etc. which are not good for his health as well as the society. When a girl gets married and goes to her in-laws family, she is troubled by her mother in-law, who is also another women. When a divorcee woman is in the society, the women blame and criticize her for the family’s break-up. Women can very well inculcate values in the society and so she is only responsible for its upliftment or downfall

Oh Women! Come hither, know yourself! Each one of you come closer and recognize your potential. Forget the envy and make forgiveness your virtue. Shower your love und affection on all. Only then can you build a better and heavenly society.

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  1. Mahua Chakrabarti Says:

    Stree Shakti, Stree Mukti, Stree Drishti

    Karenge hamare samaj ki sundar shrishti.

  2. Swapan Purkayastha Says:

    Most Women can be mothers, but real Mother is rare.
    Mother is the first Guru=teacher for the future in a family which is the unit of this expanding society. This mother should be an intellectually powerful Human. She has to be trained as a girl-child to analyse life. Majority of our society custom still remains adopting the stone-age norms. It requires a change so that a woman is not only dependant with age on Father-Husband-Son but also is free to lead like a real Mother.
    Looking upon every Lady like a Mother of someone should be the norm. We are always indebt to a Mother as own-mother, mother-nation, mother-earth.

  3. Felipe Carter Says:

    good luck

  4. Jashodhara Purkayastha Says:

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