Competition is only with oneself

September 15th, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Minu and Neha are friends. Both of them are in the same class. Both of them are good in studies. When they came to secondary section they got separated from each other and went in different division. Neha is a simple intelligent girl, never bothered for anything, very good speaker. On the other hand Minu is also very clever, can compose her own poems, intelligent. But the difference between Minu and Neha is – Neha is least bother for anything, Minu is always conscious about her studies and always sees Neha’s progress.

Neha from the beginning of her career stood first in the class, 99% marks in everything. Minu always kept an eye on Neha’s marks and was always behind of Neha by 2%. She used to feel sad and always thinks that in her student’s life she cannot beat Neha. She is always envious of Neha. Neha does not bother who is getting what marks. She is very studious and sincere. She always gets good marks in everything.

Once Minu met her old teacher and said, “I am really unlucky”. “Why?”, asked the teacher. She said I cannot beat Neha in my life, I am very jealous of her”. The teacher said “Minu don’t feel jealous, always try your best to perform well, but your attitude towards Neha is not correct. Next time when something like this comes to your mind, pray to god that I want to do well, but do not think of Neha. Let her do what she wants”. Next time when Minu met that teacher on her way home, she bowed down and said “Teacher I got highest marks in English”. The teacher was very happy and again reminded her not to think of any one’s progress. Think for your own self and your well being.

Minu may have controlled her jealousy, did hard work, concentrated on her studies and came first in SSC Board exam in her school. She was so happy that her happiness had no bounds when she met her old teacher. But again she uttered the same thing “Finally I have defeated Neha, so I am very happy”. Hearing this, her teacher was not happy and thought that still jealousy had not disappeared from her mind. The teacher was really hurt with Minu’s expression. She was only telling about her happiness that she has defeated Neha.

On the other hand when Neha came to meet the teacher, she bowed down and said “I want your blessings teacher to do well in life”. She even congratulated Minu and said “She is really hard working”. Minu felt very proud of her performance and whenever the teacher used to meet her she used to think that Minu should not be jealous of  Neha. But crooked thinking always looses at the end. When Minu’s result came out for HSC, she did not get good marks and did not get a chance to study medicine. On the other hand Neha did very well in HSC and got admission in medicine in reputed college.

Do not envy anyone. Whatever one is doing, it is one’s destiny. Always think that whatever comes on ones way should be fulfilled properly. Jealousy cannot take anyone ahead, it brings downfall. If world is free from jealousy, it will be best place like paradise, where everyone will live happily.

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September 15th, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Once there were two friends named Bhima and Arjun. They used to be so engrossed in talking that they used to forget everything when they used to sit together. They forget their food, sleep etc when they meet. They studied together from childhood. Their parents know each other very well. They are also happy with their friendship.

Once they visited a garden with two badminton rackets in their hands. While returning they sat for sometime in the garden, forgot their racket in the garden. Bhima was more forgetful then Arjun. Bhima once lost his own purse when he was going with his dad.

Last year they made a great blunder. Both of them were travelling in a train from Sanpara to CST station. They forgot their bag containing computer item motherboard costing ten thousand rupees in the train. Bhima brought some new items for his computer. Motherboard was giving little trouble. So he thought of changing the board. He called the person at his shop. The shopkeeper replied “Bhima it will take two days to repair, then if you go to Belapur, at the factory, then they may replace it immediately”. Bhima did not have patience to wait for two days as he is very fond of the computer and his exams were knocking at the door. He thought of changing it immediately. While returning from Belapur both friends were so much diverted in talking that they forget the bag in the first class compartment. After getting down from the train, they started walking from the station without the bag, but did not notice even that they did not have their bag in hands. After fifteen minutes walk from the station suddenly they remembered the bag and ran for the train, by the time train left the station and they missed the bag. They went to station master and narrated the fact and gave a written complaint but in vain. After half and hour Bhima gathered courage to call his mother at home. As soon as his mother heard about the missing, she could not talk anything and said “Now you know what you have to do, I don’t know anything” and she banged the phone. After 10 o’clock they returned at home. By the time Bhima’s mother called up his uncle who was working with railways but she did not get any solution for it.

Next day Bhima’s mother wrote a letter to station master to help them to find the lost items. Full day Bhima and Arjun again travelled CST and from there again they went to Bellapur and asked in every station but no result. Bhima came disappointed and mother asked “Do you want any computer again? I am telling you, I am not going to give you anything”. He replied “I don’t deserve anything” and went to his room for studies as his exam was knocking that time.

After losing a big amount in this process, he promised himself that he is not going to force his mother to give him anything he wants. He even promised that he was very forgetful from his childhood and now he has to become more alert for everything. He asked god to give him strength to overcome such bad quality. Forgetfulness is a disease, only medicine is to concentrate on the matter what you are forgetting, repeat the thing what you are having or you are carrying. Repetition is the most important procedure to overcome forgetfulness.

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Faith in God

September 6th, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Once there was a woman named Parvati. She was very much dependent on God. She had full faith in God. Every moment, every part of her life, she used to surrender to God. Parvati used to tell her mother and other people, “Don’t worry! God will help you”. Every one used to make fun of her. One of her friend Sheetal used to tell her, “Parvati don’t do anything, don’t cook, God will do everything for you.” Parvati used to smile. Sometimes she used to tell her friend, ”God is everywhere, that means, He is with you also isn’t it? Sheetal used to laugh at her. Sheetal had full confident in her work and never used to belief in God or anyone. She used to tell everyone, “You are the maker of your own self”. Everybody used to understand that and tried to follow Sheetal. Sheetal wanted to study medicine. She even did very well in her exam. She applied for medicine, but due to reservation of govt quota her name did not appear in the list. Sheetal was waiting for the list. One day she was disappointed to see in the newspaper, “Classes of medicine will start from 2nd October”. She was shocked and took admission in B.Sc. One day Sheetal came to Parvati and said, “You really won and I lost”. Parvati did not understand what Sheetal meant, but before she could ask something Sheetal left Parvati’s house.

After a year, Parvati got married to Shiva an engineer, working with a reputed firm. Everyone in her in-laws was very happy to see a pious, homely natured Parvati. Within a few days Parvati won the heart of all the family members. Mother in-law, Monika used to tell her neighbours about her daughter in-law’s nature and faith in God. After her marriage she started satsang once in a month at her place. She started singing devotional songs and good teaching in the satsang. Neighbours used to gather at her place during satsang.

This way two years passed. First son was born. After three years second son was born. Suddenly in the month of October after his birthday, her husband Shiva got sick. Sudden fever for seven days. He went to the doctor and the doctor asked him to get the blood checked. Jaundice was detected. His mother said, “jaundice! Oh it will go away within seven days.” Seven days passed, month passed… He was admitted in the hospital. Bilirubin in blood was increasing day by day. All doctors were worried about his illness. They could not find any reason of increasing billurubin. What type of jaundice? Blockage or virus???

Before marriage Parvati used to go to temple every Monday, so she continued it after her marriage also. Shiva’s condition was getting worse day by day. He became yellow, dark and thin. This time he was under the treatment of renowned doctor. Looking at his condition, his brother Om was called from abroad. Om and Parvati both went to doctor . The doctor told Om, “We cannot tell everything to his wife, but if you take him to America also the result will be zero”. Still Parvati was not nervous as she knew that God was taking a test. With no hope, Shiva was discharged from the hospital. After coming home Shiva started sleeping with his mother as Parvati‘s younger son was very small. One day Shiva’s aunt came from native place. Parvati was sleeping in her room alone with her small child. It was nearly morning. She was asleep. Suddenly, she found male hand on her head. She touched the hand and that it was quite a heavy hairy hand. The hand was giving her blessings. She got very frightened and woke up with fear. She started looking under the bed but no one was there. She believed that God had come in disguise and blessed her and her husband. She immediately went to the other room and found that her husband was sleeping. She placed her hand near his nose to see his breathing but was sure about his good health. She went to her room and waited for the dawn. At 6 o’clock she woke her aunt-in-law up and told her happily “God has come in disguise and blessed me, nothing will happen to him. He will be alright soon.” Both of them started weeping.

Next morning, the doctor called Parvati and gave the address of a new gastroenterologist and that afternoon Shiva and Parvati went to see the doctor. The new doctor started Shiva’s treatment and within no time his bilirubin came down to a safe limit. Parvati thought that the address of the new doctor was given to her by God himself so that Shiva becomes alright. After the treatment under the doctor Shiva was cured from the fatal illness.

Parvati still continues to believe that on that day it was Shiv who had blessed her and her husband. Even today she is a Bhakta of Lord Shiva and celebrates Shiv-Ratri with utmost dedication.

God can do anything. We are ignorant—that is why we do not understand what is going on. Parvati still says, “God is everywhere, we should feel Him. We cannot see air, but every moment we feel it, without air we cannot survive, so is God . Without Him, no leaf stir, no wave move, no sun, no moon can survive . He is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.

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Changing Life

September 5th, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Sonu, Nikhil, Pratik, Jay and Sunil were five school friends. They lived in the same area and they completed their 12th standard and joined B.Com. They always went together. They always went to pub and discos together and loved to dance. In the beginning they would only go there to dance, but when they joined B.Com, they slowly started drinking alcohol in the club. Late night drinking and driving.

Parents were fed up of all these things. But they were the only sons they had. They had certain hopes from their sons, but now they had left all their hopes. When they would come home, they would get out of control and someone had to come down to drop them at home. Days were passing by and parents were really worried about their studies and lives. But they had become slaves of intoxication. Jay was a good boy among them. He liked to dance, but did not drink like the others. He used to drop them home, when the others went out of control.

One day the four parents met Jay and asked him, “What can you do for us Jay?” Jay was really ashamed of this. he could not say anything to them. But he promised himself that he would bring his friends back from such hell. So he contacted one lady counselor nearby. that day he did not go with them to the club. All four were thinking about why Jay hadn’t come. Sonu called Jay and asked, “Why didn’t you join us today? Where are you now?” Jay replied, “I’m with someone who I think will do something for me and my friends”. Sonu is really surprised listening to what jay is talking about. the lady counselor asked Jay to bring his friends to her. Jay said, “It will be difficult in the beginning”. The lady said, “Just talk good things in front of them. Tell them the story I’m telling you:

Once there was a guru who had a devotee. All the people always used to meet the guru and give him some precious things like gold, silver etc. When this devotee went to the guru he asked him to bring some sticks. So he thought guru would have asked for sticks to beat me. But satill he went to collect sticks. After collecting a bundle of sticks he produced them in front of the guru.

The lady counselor said, “Now we stop here. I’m not going to tell you the story more than that today. Tell your friends the same story, and tomorrow come with an answer to what happens next.” That night Jay also tried to find an answer. Next day, in the morning Jay met his friends and started telling them the story, but stopped where the lady told him to stop. All of them wanted to know the answer. So in the evening they all went to the counselor’s house. The lady counselor, Mrs. Mukta, knew that jay would come with his friends. So she welcomed all of them. She asked them the answer about the story. Each one of them were looking at each other and thinking about the answer.

At the end, Mrs. Mukta said, “Let me tell you the next part of the story:

Guru said now, burn the sticks in front of me, so that your past karma whatever it is good or bad will burn in the fire. The guru said, “Those who brood on the past and never live here and now, this is the cause of their suffering”

Mrs. Mukta said, “Whatever has gone, let it be like that. Can’t you start a new day from today so that your parents will be happy?” Making others happy is the greatest happiness in life.

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Role of Women in Society

September 1st, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Women are the creator and destroyer of society. Our society is full of superstitions and women today are continuing this tradition, Women can make a family, thus making the society a heaven by removing the wrongs from society.

Recently, MAVA (Men Against. Violence & Abuse –, a social group performed a drama at TATA colony, Mumbai based on “Women battering & abusing.” MAVA wants to bring awareness in the society through these plays. I have a habit of not wearing bangles sometimes. One lady asked me, “Why are you not wearing bangles? Aren’t you married?”, I thought… Why??? Should only married women wear the bangles? People say, “women is a symbol of beauty, so she should dress up properly,” Yes, this is correct but then why rules should be applied only to women. An unmarried girt sometimes does not put bangles, bindi, but no one asks; then why to a married lady? Is she considered someone’s property? Similarly then, married men should also have such a symbolism! Marriage does not mean physical symbolism, but is a holy and responsible relation, which the society has transformed into a binding for women.

However, I personally believe that only women can change the society’s outlook. First, women in their family should not differentiate between her son & daughter. When a boy comes late at night, mother never asks, but when the girl is out late, she is worried. However, mothers can make both of them understand as to why it’s bad for both of them. For example, girls may be asked to come home on time because she may be caught by some goon and be a cause for unwanted events Similarly, boys can be told that if he remains late outside, he may get into bad company and fall into bad habits of drug – addiction, alcoholism, etc. which are not good for his health as well as the society. When a girl gets married and goes to her in-laws family, she is troubled by her mother in-law, who is also another women. When a divorcee woman is in the society, the women blame and criticize her for the family’s break-up. Women can very well inculcate values in the society and so she is only responsible for its upliftment or downfall

Oh Women! Come hither, know yourself! Each one of you come closer and recognize your potential. Forget the envy and make forgiveness your virtue. Shower your love und affection on all. Only then can you build a better and heavenly society.

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