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August 30th, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

The Math (Temple) is full of devotees with Swami Ramkrishna is sitting in a corner and all people are asking his blessings. people are waiting in a queue for his blessing.

Smiling face, eyes are glowing, tall, well-built, swami is very young. May be his age is around 31 yrs. Very soft spoken, affectionate, everyone wants to be in his care. Very caring, animal lover, tree lover, talks everyday with trees and flowers while watering them. He has a dog named Moti who wags his tail whenever he sees the swami from a distance.In the ashram, there is a shed. Cows, goats, buffaloes are very happy with him. They feel lucky to have a master like swamiji.

Swamiji’s life started in a Shetty family in South India. His name was Rajkumar. His parents affectionately called him Raj. Brilliant in his childhood, he used to play the mridangam and flute very fluently. In school, he was a quite child, not interested in sports. He had a very good handwriting in school. He used to write poems from his childhood. Once he recited his own poem in school about peace for which he got the first prize. He has once elder sister named Pratibha who is seven years elder to him. He used to love and respect his sister very much and used to look upto her in life.

When he was twelve years old, he used to think of things which a young lad thinks. They think about the woman’s body and always have something destructive on their minds. This boy was also not an exception. he used to think and see T.V and was curious about the female body. One night he became wet due to this thinking, but couldn’t tell it to anyone. But it was supressed in his mind, and due to this condition, it made him unstable at home and outside. he was restless and spent half of the time in bathroom or toilet. Nobody noticed this behavior of his at home.

One day his sister’s friend Rani came to their place. She always used to come to her friend’s house. But this time when she came, she saw Raj in a different mood. She sat in the drawing room with a magazine because Pratibha was not at home that time. Raj told her, “You sit, didi will come soon”. He sat near her and tried to put his hand on her thigh. She did not tell anything, but only observed. As soon as Raj saw that she was not telling anything, he tried to go deeper. Immediately Rani caught his hand and with a sensible and affectionate voice she said, “Raj – Kaam, Krodh, Madh, Lobh, Moh, Matsar are bad qualities in every person. We have to overcome these by thinking about their reasons. You should not control them all of a sudden, but slowly understand them.” She gave a nice example, “If a bucket full of dirty water is put under an open tap of fresh water, after sometime you will notice that the water in the bucket has become clean with the flow of running water. So do not try to control these in one moment. Try and analyze these for yourself.” On that day after this incident took place, Raj became restless and was only thinking about Rani’s words. He started reading a book on Shiva and how Japa would overcome the lust in one person. He also started reading many other spiritual books. Then, when he became seventeen and was studying in his twelve standard he left for Mount Abu to find answer to questions that he had in his mind.

He took the permission of his parents and went to Mount Abu. His parents never thought that he would become a swami. After reaching Mount Abu , he informed his parents through AkalSwami that he had taken “Sanyas” and will never come back to family life again.

His parents became happy and proud oh his decision, but felt sorry for missing him. They were consoled by the neighbours that such parents are rare that give birth to a child who becomes a saint and serves the society. Raj became Swami Ramkrishna and is world famous today. Rani became his first devotee when he returned from Mount Abu after prolonged sadhana of 12 years. She fell at his feet with tears in her eyes. Looking at her, swamiji only put his affectionate hands on her head and blessed her.

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  1. Swapan Purkayastha Says:

    Good story to motivate into blissful life.
    Our soul makes our body tend towards Freedom, Peace and Silence which are the constituents of the Soul. This soul is covered by the powerful senses of the Body.
    To resist something creates stress and destroys the body and mind. The monkey like fidgety mind is easily ruled by the bodily senses. The intellect has to be developed to control this runaway mind. The intellect is developed by continuous analysis from childhood. This is again helped by the ‘Sanskar’ or cultural lifestyle. The soul is thus developed for higher goal which leads to God man or ‘Satwa’ nature. The intellect can turn us into fearless, desire less long term thinking Blissful character. This practice through ‘Japa’ or slogans requires time and should not oppose the mindful sensuous thoughts.
    To go along we should create opposites of the ill virtues. We can now keep repeating these goodness.

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