August 29th, 2007 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

All of you must have heard the story of the “Goose that laid golden eggs”. But you still cannot leave the greed and greed doesn’t allow you to live happily without it.

My story goes like this… Once a man, who had three daughters was suffering from diabetes at the age of forty. The man was fat and clumsy and loved to eat any kind of food. He would daily visit some restaurant and enjoyed eating delicious food. But he would never take his family out to the restaurant. After coming from the restaurant his wife would ask him, “Where did you go today”? and he would answer, “Nowhere, was working at the office”. Looking at his wallet his wife would ask, “Today you’ve spent a lot of money” and he would answer, “No! No! In my office, there is a poor clerk, who has five daughters. One of them is getting married. I have given him some money”. The wife would get very happy listening to this and would say, “My husband is broad-minded and always thinks of helping others”. She used to feel proud of him.

One day his eldest daughter Reeta went to college and with her mother’s permission, she went out to watch a movie with her friends. While returning home, she and friends decided to go to the restaurant. She called home and told her mother that she would be late coming home since she’ll be having dinner at a restaurant. As soon as she entered the restaurant, she saw her father with two sweet dishes and a pav-bhaji near him. She did not say anything to anyone, but requested her friends to go to some other restaurant and her friends agreed and left.

When she reached home, she saw her father reading a newspaper. She asked him, “Papa, how was the gulab jamun”? Her father got shocked, but didn’t say anything. Her mother asked him about the money and he again bluffed something else like other days. Reeta heard this and felt very bad about it.

After some days, Reeta and her mother were coming from the market. They saw a crowd gather near the bus stop. Everyone was peeping into the crowd, but nobody was telling anything to anyone. Reeta suddenly screamed, “He is my Daddy!” and ran near him. She with the help of a few other people picked him up and took him to the nearby hospital. Immediately he was taken to the I.C.U and put on monitor. The doctor did some quick tests and informed her mother that the blood sugar was very very high and his condition was serious.

Next morning, when they checked on him, he was still unconscious. After three days, he gained consciousness and recovered a little. Reeta asked him, “Papa the other day, I saw you at the restaurant eating sweets”. He nodded his head and apologized to her. The doctor said, “He should not talk much and needs rest”.

Next week, they took him home and while coming home Reeta’s father’s eyes were full of tears. Looking at him, Reeta could not control her tears. After coming home, he said, “I really troubled you like anything. And it’s all because of my greed”. I now promise I will not eat anything that’s harmful to me” and started weeping…

So what happened here in the story. Due to greed, you tell a lie. Due to greed, you fall into a trap. You do not just affect yourself, but also your family and loved ones. Finally we need to understand that “Greed is a sin and sin leads to death”

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  1. Mahua Chakrabarti Says:

    Many people have lost a lot of money in the stock markets and in the reces in greed for more.
    So we must be contented with what we have and save from that and be able to help people who are geniunely in need.

  2. Richard Jones Says:

    Completely liked the idea of the story. Something to learn… Liked the site as well…

    But I think there can be many more incidents about greed. Im a diabetic patient, so I know how gluttony affect… But then I think greed for money is more dangerous!

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