Listening and Thinking

July 18th, 2021 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Many things never end in life. Listening and thinking continue till tomb. It is said that Listening is better than Speaking. Good listeners learn faster. Babies learn by listening. They follow the lips and sounds. Better understanding continues from listening.  After listening, thinking processes begin, and invention crops up in the mind.
What is Listening? Listening is the accurate process by which sound and understanding are registered in the mind and the same can be interpreted by forming better communication. Conscious effort is needed while listening, then absorb it properly to make it as deep thinking. Experience of virtuous and righteous speaking and communication is the result of deep and critical listening.
What is Thinking? Thinking is a  mental process that includes imagination, perception, reasoning, memory and could be concept formation. Actually, thinking is an idea that could be a concealed discovery or invention. The systematic imagination is directed to some purpose is called thinking. Thinking is a problem-solving behaviour. Thinking can be developed from childhood through analytical education by parents and teachers. The thinking process can be developed by “Asking” rather than “Telling”. Telling seems like commanding and Asking leads to a heroic attitude. Telling creates slavery and asking creates leaders.

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Terrorism and Spiritualism

January 11th, 2021 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

If you want to see God, observe yourself properly.

People describe the religion and spirituality as same. Religion involves some ritualistic exercise. In religion, people use some institution where they can perform some kind of ritualistic exercise. I have some view about these two doubtful connotations.

Religion cannot change the inner enemies.

Everyone in this world has some goal in life and a question in their mind. Spirituality is the answer for it.

This human life is a drama, whatever role we get we have to perform that well. But how to perform it well? As a human being we have our consciousness, mind, intellect etc. By using them in a correct way, we are free to choose our own building, dress, rituals, belief etc. and perform the role well.

Terrorist choose the wrong building where the foundation is not concrete and falls down after some days. They do not use their intellect and believe in wrong ideas. They always go against truth i.e. day lights up as knowledge and night stumbles towards ignorance. These are within us.

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A Tree

January 6th, 2021 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

A Tree
A wise person can teach  harmony and unity to younger generation.
Few years ago, I met an old person on my way. He was seventy years old. I observed him, that he was planting a neem tree in a earthly pot. I was in a confusing state and thought in mind that a big tree in a small pot !

I asked him,
” sir, why are you planting a big tree in a pot ? It will grow a big tree”
He smiled at me & said, ” This tree is very useful for all of us. Every part has some values. The trunk of the tree teaches us to be strong. The branches of the tree are used to clean teeth. In ancient days, people used to used neem twig to clean the teeth. Small twig is  teaching us balancing healthy teeth & health. A leaves of the tree purify the air & teach us stability & balancing.  The leaves have some medicinal value. Neem leaves are used to cure skin disease. Some medicated creams are made from the leaves. The leaves are used for the treatment of worms. The flowers of the tree attract honeybees & teach us harmony.  All the parts are used clinically, so we call the tree as “Harmonious tree”.
At the end, he said ,”let the tree grow little big, I’ll shift it to a bigger place, so that everyone can benefit out of it.”
I just smiled & said goodbye to him.

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Empathy and Sympathy

November 17th, 2020 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Satish,our friend, told us a story when he was coming from office. It was Saturday, so the local train was not very crowded from Churchgate. While boarding , he bought two Vadapav, a popular eatable in Mumbai.  Satish boarded and a found a seat in the train. The train left the station as usual. In the next station, a beggar of 10/11 years old boarded in the train. Satish was eating his Vadapav as usual and he noticed that the beggar was asking for food.

Feeling pity, Satish gave his second Vadapav to the beggar and said to his co-passanger,” I feel pity on them. They are deprived of basic needs. They don’t even have essential food”.

A middle aged man was sitting opposite to him. He said,”Don’t feel pity on them. It’s not good to feel pity, sorry or compassion for any person. Sorrow, pity all are negative words. When you feel pity on them, your negative thoughts enter to your body and slowly your mind fill with negativity”.

Satish replied, “I’m not a negative person”. The man smilingly said, “Sharing unhappiness and suffering come back to you. You must have experienced, when you throw a ball on a wall, it come backs to you. I mean to say, never show sympathy to anyone. Sympathy can make the person feel unfortunate”.

The man got down in Dadar but Satish requested him to provide his phone number. Later on he came to know that he was a Yogi.

Oneday Satish came to our home. Many like-minded  guests were present that day. He said,”Today we will discuss, Empathy and Sympathy”.One of the guests said,”I know sympathy but don’t know Empathy very well”.

Satish said,” Empathy is ability to put yourself in the place of another and understand the feelings of others identifying with them. You must listen to other person’s thought, nodding your head and attention to their body language.

One person asked,”is there much difference between Sympathy and Empathy?”

“Though not much difference but understanding the psychology of these two words are important.” Answered Satish. He told us a story which Yogiji had told them once.

Once a lady along with her son who was 15 years old came to him. The boy’s mother started complaining about him. The mother said that her son was very stubborn and not listening to her. Whatever she asked him to do, he always eager to do the opposite. Yogiji was listening carefully, nodding his head. He was keenly observing the boy.

Then Yogiji said” I was smiling in my mind and thought of my teenage. My mother used to complain about me to my relatives and neighbours. Then he asked the lady, “How old is your son and how old are you?”

“I’m forty years old and my son is fifteen years old, Yogiji” answered the lady.

“Did you directly become forty years? Twenty years ago, you were fifteen years. Is not it? Did you like your mother’s all words when you were fifteen years old ” ? Yogiji asked.

“No Yogiji”. I used to always argue with her when I was in class Ten. She answered.

“This is my answer 😁. Put yourself in his situation, you will find your answer. Identifying his problems is the solution to your question. It could be positive and sometimes even negative. Praying for healing, managing , strength, peace during painful situation is called Empathy.”

Sympathy is the feeling of sorrow,pity or compassion for another person. Showing concern for another person. Sympathy can make the person feel unpleasant.

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Mantra & Japa

October 21st, 2020 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

Few years ago, my family including my sons went to an astrologer. The astrologer was a pious man. He used to practice mantra and japa simultaneously. He was quite renowned astrologer. He predicted some activities and death accurately. I don’t want to mention all but he predicted his wife’s date of death.

My family and my sons did not believe the prediction of the man because few years ago we used to think that we can do everything on our own due to ignorance. They thought that some predictions could be assumption or interpretation.

He asked me, “Do you do Japa”? I used to take the name of ‘Shiva’ every now and then. I answered,” I chant 108 names of Shiva every day”.

He didn’t say anything but one sentence touched my mind thoroughly. He said “if you do Japa continuously, you can predict some of the thing easily. Japa gives you solace and peace”.

With my own intellect, I came to know the difference between Mantra and  Japa.

Mantras are  the spiritual sounds created in the nature. These are the syllables created naturally which is called “Brahma Naad”. Pronunciation of Mantras is very important because it relates  to Brahma Naad.

In Indian philosophy, it is  said that during Vedic period, Guru (spritual teacher) used to ask their Shishwa (students) to analyse the teaching and understand it deeply through their intellect. By listening and through analytical skills, they created mantras, following their gurus.

Though western countries said that some mantras do not have meanings. But every mantra was created from some special sounds or vibrations and they have some inner meaning but all gurus may not know the meaning. That doesn’t mean mantras are meaningless.

The greatest mantra is the “Gayatri Mantra”.

ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः
भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि
धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ॥

Tat saviturvareniyam

The meaning is very vast.

We meditate on the glory of the Creator;
Who has created the Universe;
Who is worthy of Worship;
Who is the embodiment of Knowledge and Light;
Who is the remover of all Sin and Ignorance;

Regular chanting of mantras bring concentration and keep the nervous system healthy. The vibration of Mantras energise thalamus and pituitary glands if pronounce correctly. Mantras take more time for chanting because without understanding mantras are useless. It is said that mantras are to be chanted 108 times. It takes more time.

On the contrary, japa is easier to chant. It takes less time. Japa is a meditative state of chanting some small mantra or repeating god’s name. “ॐ नमः शिवाय'(Om Namah Shivaya) or ” ॐ वासुदेवाय नमः”( Om Vasudevay Namah) It is said that japa removes impurities from the mind. It helps us to unite with God or outer energy. Japa are to be chanted for 108 times which has a meaning. This number also connects the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth. 108 represents the combination of inner energy with outer energy.

Now I can visualise, why the saintly astrologer asked me to do japa as japa makes us to realise the presence of God and communion with divine power. If japa is done with full concentration we can predict many more things which are unknown to us and many. Pranam to the holy astrologer 🙏🙏





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What is Death

October 13th, 2020 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

“The day, man will find that he never really dies; that his Soul persists beyond death; he will have no more fear of death.”
– Swami Vivekananda

Death in Bhagvad Gita says that there is no death. In chapter two, it is said that the soul in the body never has birth or death. It is said that the process of changing the body is birth or death.

According to Lord Buddha, death is a natural process of the body. After death, the body is prepared for rebirth.The dying person should wait for rebirth. Buddha believed that birth & death are the natural cycle of Samsara. After suffering and following eight path of enlightenment, one can achieve Nirvana.
According to Christianity, death is the end of body. Scripture says though our body will decompose but the soul can go to God’s house eternally or separated from God.

Sikhism also believes that there is no heaven or hell. God fixes the date of death.

Now I will explain you about death. My father used to tell us  that death is real, life is untruth. I didn’t understand what my father had meant to explain the word “death”.

After analysing, I realised that life is Maya or illution like mirage. Whatever we imagine is not the truth. Whatever we think may not come true. Sometimes it comes true and we think that what we think, it becomes.

Death is very difficult, living is easier. While living, we can plan our objectives but sometimes it’s come true, sometimes not. Death cannot be asked for. It decides its own time.

I came to know that there are some mantras which can bring the death nearer to us. If we can chant it clearly and regularly, we can experience the process of death. But it is wrong to interfere in the God’s planning. Better wait for His decision.

When we reach the state of Nishkaam means selfless or desireless action and understand the process of detachment we will understand  the path of our Death.

At last ,I got a conclusion that when we are in a body, we are alive, without body means death.

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Ruby Anniversary

October 9th, 2020 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

On the eve of this day,
we have completed forty- one years
Together with storms and cool breeze
What love we had, diminishing slowly
Could be I learn to detach myself.

Remembering the year Nineteen seventy nine,
I was young and good looking,
We tied a knot on Tenth of October
You were young as well as innocent.

Could not recollect, when these years passed,
Two boys became grown up and tall
And both settled in their life with two little angels.
They are busy with their work and promotions

Physical love has gone ,entered into spiritual life
Every month sit in silence for hours
Think how life begins and how it ends
Nobody is bothered and even doesn’t want to know.

Love life can be invaluable if anyone knows the value of love.
I pray to God that we will meet in next birth.
We have to bear & love each other till we get separated bodily.
Jashodhara Purkayastha
10th, October 2020.

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I’m Bhuttu speaking

September 19th, 2020 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

I’m Bhuttu Speaking

Everyone has born in this world for a purpose. Though it was a bitch only, I feel everyone in this world is important.
Though Love is a four-letter word, some hidden fact is set up inside the word.
God has created every one of us for some purpose. It is our duty to fulfill the wishes of God.
When I was born, I did not have any name. After one week when my mistress brought me to her place, I was named Bhuttu as my mother’s name was Lattu. The day I came to my mistress’s house, I was very sad as I left my mother that day and thought of my mistress’s cruelty.
When I reached, my mistress‘s family, they were very happy to see me there and I just urinate, they all laughed at me. Her younger brother immediately said, Don’t laugh at it,” it is also a human being “.
Hearing this they all started laughing and said, ” Is it a human being ? It is a puppy “.
After two days, it was raining heavily. I went out of my kennel and got stuck in the mud. Her brother came immediately and rescued me. I used to urinate all the time. My master’s family used to shout at me sometimes.

My mistress’s father was a very kind-hearted person. During winter he used to keep me warm by giving me a hot water bag. This way the days passed. I became a little big. I used to go with them when they were going out. I knew their school timing so when they used to go to school I never went out of the house.
Once I felt sick, my mistress’s father treated me with antibiotic medicine. He used to give me honey, but it was so bitter that I did not want to take any medicine.
That time I learned the word Medicine. Whenever I used to feel sick they used to say the word. I never used to wait there.
They are human beings, so they are naturally more intelligent than me. They never used to utter the word then.
After a year, I fell in love with their neighbhour’s Lucky, a handsome stout fellow, of course, a dog. I gave birth to five children. This way the days passed. One day my mistress’s father was walking in the garden, he tried to pick up a black ribbon from a corner suddenly I saw the act. I immediately jump on him and barked at him. He asked, “what’s the matter Bhuttu “? Then he saw that a small snake running away from that side. I was patted by him. I felt very lucky as I could save my master.

It was a sad incident in my life. If I think of that incident I really felt that ” I’m lucky”. Whenever my mistress’s family used to go anywhere I used to follow them, but that unfortunate day, they just boarded in the taxi and I was left alone on the road. I saw some menace followed me. I started running and they followed me. When it became dark, I could not find my way home. That was a nightmare for me. I started searching my way with disappointment. Then I just slept. In the early morning, I found a gang of dogs staring at me. I got very much frightened. Two days passed I could not find my house. I was hungry. I was so fearful that I could not search for my food even. That time I felt that the “world is very cruel”. On the third day when I was passing a lane, suddenly I heard my name .”Is it Bhuttu?” The grandmother shouted. I jumped and entered the house.
Looking at me, all the family members greeted me like their lost child. All the members started sobbing by looking at me. All ran to give me my food. That was the love and affection I got from that family.
This way, years passed. I became 10 years old. My mistress’s marriage was fixed. I cried every day as she would leave soon. I knew, without any time she will leave the house. I knew that how much her parents must be feeling. Whenever she used to hug me I used to feel pain in my heart. The day she left for her husband’s house, I stopped eating and hid under the house. I knew that my days came to an end as I loved each one of them very much. But she was special to me because I used to think that I got a very special house. When I stopped eating, I prayed to God about her well-being and said If I was born again I should get such a family-like My Mistress.

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September 4th, 2020 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

The state of knowing something is knowledge. Knowledge can be acquired by reading books. It can be accomplished through discussing with others. Gathering information with interest is knowledge.

The state of making the right decision and judgment is Wisdom. It is attained through experience of life. Soul searching is the way of wisdom. Soul searching means to find who we are. Wisdom cannot be gained through material items, it is accomplished through the churning of inner power. Wisdom refines our character. It is said that if the character is lost, everything is lost. Character building begins from childhood. Childhood is the time to give values of life.

Knowledge can be obtained from external sources such as books, magazines, audio, video, and classroom lectures. All the gadgets, that we use in today’s life came externally through knowledge. Electricity, electronics, the atom bomb, automatic guns, all are invented by people through reading and research. Knowledge can be gathered by reading, attending school, college, university. Knowledge is carried off through research. Different kinds of medicines are the result of knowledge.

Today’s scenario of Coronavirus (2020) is the result of the stupidity of knowledge. This is done by so many knowledgeable persons. They involved themselves in the research in Wuhan, China. The world is suffering because of unwise inventions. The virus is invented through research for destruction but where is the noble invention of remedies? The invention of automatic guns is taking the life of the wise and innocent. Knowledge is more appropriate if it is done with values.

On the other hand, wisdom is earned by judging the outcome of knowledge.

Wisdom teaches us to differentiate the right or wrong actions. Wisdom is nothing but to find out the truth for oneself. Reasoning out of any fact is the gateway of wisdom. That is realization. Feel nothing, know nothing, the Greek philosopher said that the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. They said, mankind is made of two kinds of people, one is wise people who know they’re fools, and fools who think they are wise. Second, are worthless people who live only to eat and drink; people of worth eat and drink only to live.

Wisdom and Knowledge should go hand in hand. Many people in the world are so knowledgeable that is beyond ordinary people’s thinking. Teaching and learning begin at a very early age. Teaching with analyzing can give better character building, values, and ethics. Wisdom is the ability to use a sensible process of thinking by analysing properly.

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My Experience of Silence

September 1st, 2020 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

“Silence “give us innate ability to explore. Planning to sit one day in silence for exploring oneself would be a great experience.

I planned it one week ago when my friend wrote a write up on Advantages of Silence on health . I was really overwhelmed by knowing the importance of Silence.

I wanted to surrender myself to Ultimate to purify my soul. Without purification, we cannot reach to Moksh, the final goal of life. Though, it is difficult and different to understand the meaning of  “Moksh” yet according to me, when a person liberates itself from all kind of Mayas and attachments, he/she can travel towards Moksh. Ego is another obstacle to reach Moksh. One meaning of Moksh can be free from sadness or happiness. Before reaching, liberation,one has pass through many lessons. One lesson could be  keeping oneself in Silence to know the innermost skill to purify oneself.

I planned to do the  process of silence for two reasons. One is to purify my soul through oneness with God and another to know the process of liberation or Moksh.

In the beginning, I planned it to try for twelve hours. On Monday dated 31st August,2020 from 8a.m to 8p.m, I took bath in the morning and finished my breakfast. When I kept myself mum, I asked three questions to God.

First, God where do you live? Second, How do you write each one’s story of life? The last but not the least, Why don’t you show your presence once?

In silence, I got the answer. It could be from  my subconscious  that He lives everywhere. God lives in person’s heart. He lives in air, water, sky  trees, everywhere.

Answer to my second question was, every  person helps me to write its own story. He/she helps God to give Him the plot through its Karma.

Third question was quite difficult and different. God said , every one meets Me once in their life. Purification of heart, mind and soul are required to feel My presence.

My experience was beyond my thought. I wanted to take the name of God all the time. I wanted to chant mantras all the time.

Out of 12 hours, 8 hours, I was merged into deep thought. Chanting helped me not to divert my mind anywhere. I didn’t know who helped my mind to become so serene and motionless for the moment. Positive thinking and determination bring the mind calm and steady. I like to mention here one important thing which I observed when I was in silence. The mantras, I know and chant for many years but these years, everytime, I thought that ,I chant the mantras mechanically.

Yesterday with silence and still mind,I experienced many things. Though I have a small grand daughter but I would say, if we are determined ,we can set our goal to reach at our objective. I submerged myself into a deep thought that I can complete my twelve hours efficiently.

I continuously chanted Shiva Mantra. I didn count as counting divert the mind here and there easily.

Second hour, I chanted Krishna Mantra

कृष्णाय गोविंदयो गोपीजन वल्लभायो, परायों  परम पुरुषाय परात्मने, परकर्म यंत्र शस्त्राणि सौहारो सौहारो, मृतुरमजयो मजयो, ॐ नमः भगवते श्रीवासुदेवायः। Shri Krishna mantra gave me the peace. It is said that Krishna manta gives stability and one can conquer the mind.

I was very happy when I chanted mantras. Many years ago,a saint told me the importance of chanting. During the time,I thought people do chanting mechanically. Yesterday, in Silence,I came to know mantra and japa give us solace and compassion

ऋतं सत्यं परब्रह्म पुरुषं कृष्णपिंगलम् ऊर्ध्वलिंगं  विरूपाक्षं विश्वरूपाय नमो नमः

This mantra, I chanted for 108 times. Though I know the meaning of this mantra but generally every day, I cannot chant it 108 times. Yesterday, I had twelve hours in my hands, so I could chant it thoroughly with proper pronunciation.

I was very happy to know the importance of Silence and plan to do it once in a month. Within a single practice,I came to know that why saints often go to cave for practising Silence.

At the end, “Silence is a great source of strength”.

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