9th Dec,2011 By Jashodhara

The period where revolutionary changes take place is called adolescence period. It is the most important and critical period of development.An adolescent sometimes can not adjust at home .           

It is the transitional period between childhood and adulthood. The period between the age of twelve and nineteen is the adolescence period. It is the crucial stage when a young person acquires the physical maturity of an adult. The term adolescence comes from the word adolescere which means to grow till maturity. Many people call this period as teen age. It is described by many people as spring of life of human beings.

According to Stanley Hall, it is “the period of stress and strain, storm and strife.”

“According to A.T Jersild, “Adolescence is that span of years during which boys and girls move from childhood to adulthood, mentally, emotionally, socially and physically.”

How Adolescents can be helped

Adolescents find difficulty in adjusting with family, school, colleges and society at large. Most of them suffer from frustration, conflicts, complexes, anxieties and worries. They experience difficulty in physical, mental, emotional, social and other adjustment. Teacher can have some understanding of the psychology of them and try to do the best to help them in different situation.

1. Physical Exercise and activities—Adolescents are worried about their physiological change. Therefore take them in confidence and include some Physical exercise like outdoor & indoor sports, drill, games, dancing, hiking etc in the curriculum.

2. Appropriate Lectures and sex education—Scientific explanation of sex education and appropriate lecture of different topics to be conducted from time to time.

3. Empathetic attitude— This type of attitude keep the students free and frank. Parents and Teachers should be empathetic towards their students.

4. Correct outfit—Incorrect outfit excite sex instinct. Parents’ and Teachers should be careful in describing the ill-effect of incorrect outfit.

5. Respect individuality—Parents and teacher should respect their choice of career and encourage and guide them accordingly. Parents and teacher should accept the child as he/she is. Don’t compare. Respect each one’s ability and capabilities.

6. Co-curricular Activities— It is a period of intellectual development. So curricular activities like debate, extempore, seminar, painting, drawing, music, etc should be introduced and encouraged.

7. Needs Independence—-Adolescents need independence. Hence teacher should give opportunities for self-study and self –expression. Proper and well designed freedom gives adolescents a proper path of decision making.

8. Understanding the feeling—-Teacher must understand the feeling of adolescents. Teacher should go back to their own adolescent period to read the mind.

9. Co-operation of parents—- Parents should have some psychological knowledge to handle their adolescents. Home atmosphere should be free from tension and worries. Co-operation of parents help the adolescents in solving their problem easily.

10. Guidance and counseling centre—-Guidance and counseling centre should be there along with school and colleges. Adolescents should get some educational, vocational and psychological guidance and counseling. There should be some trained counselor who can counsel them from time to time. Parents and teachers should bring their adolescents in the centre for solving their personal, social and psychological problem.