July 9th, 2018 by Jashodhara Purkayastha

How does a man happy?  Social scientist,after a research,found that there are three major sources responsible for happiness— Genes, Events, Values.Researchers found that we inherit around 48% of our happiness.It is hard-wired in our genes which is why even demographically identical people vary in happiness.Thus,we find people who are happy despite living in difficult situations.

Events affect an amount of our happiness too. 40% of our happiness is accounted by the events but unfortunately,their effects are short-lived. The happiness we get from the things,we have dreamed about.–e.g getting a good job, getting admission in a good college etc are not lasting long.

Only 12% is our control remain with our value system. Our four basic values of faith, family,community and work has been shown to be the surest path of happiness. Happiness depend on how we think and behave,how our thought and action affect our emotional state,our work performance,our social relationships.

The world Health organization defines mental health is a state when a person realizes his/her abilities,can cope up with mental stresses of life,can work productively and fruitfully and can contribute to the community.

At the end, we can say that Happiness lies in the mind and it remains within.

Reference— Chapter by Dr. Vidya Talwalkar (Towards Mental Health And Happiness—IABH )

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