February 23rd, 2018 by Jashodhara Purkayastha


Jaundice is a disease of liver malfunctioning. Hepatitis are types of viruses which causes the liver infections and other diseases. It is generally a waterborne disease.

What Food can be given to patient—

  1. Pumpkin—Boiled & mashed

  2. Sugarcane–Biting is better than juice

  3. Coconut water—-Little warm

  4. Buttermilk

  5. Curd—Fresh home made

  6. Aloe Vera–Cut stem,takeout fresh juice,heat it

  7. Carrot juice

  8. Gooseberry

  9. Turmeric— Fresh

  10. Tomato juice

  11. Bael leave( Wood apple)

  12. Tender Arandi Leaves ( Castor oil)

At the end, I would suggest to give chicken, a small amount of butter in bread( yeast present–Good for liver), river fish which stimulate liver function.Can be given when fever subsides.

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